Khakun Shrugs: A Thennla Scenario for Mythras

Following devastating attacks by Sheng savages 20 years ago, the Taskan Empire has rebuilt its colonies in Further Tarsenia. The silver mines at New Seppesh are running again, but recently rumblings have been heard from Mount Khakun, a slumbering giant with the power to level the land.The Tarsen priest, Michel Tob, is organising an expedition to the Mountain Foot shrine in a bid to appease the awakening Khakun - but at what cost? And, more to the point, who awoke the giant anyway...?Khakun Shrugs is set in the world of Thennla. Access to either The Taskan Empire, Shores of Korantia, or the Thennla Sourcebook will be advantageous.

Book Details

Book Title: Khakun Shrugs: A Thennla Scenario for Mythras

Book Author: Bruce Turner

Book Category: -

ISBN: 191147121X