Marriage in a Millennial World: Successful Marriage in a Vibrant New World

Are you ready to improve the dynamics and connectivity of your marriage? Look no further as this is the book for you!Are you seeking the right mate for you and have no time to waste dating the wrong person? Let me save you time and energy!You can expect to get the best communication advice, understand personality types, access where God is in the hierarchy of your relationship and how to apply His word to your daily walk. Many marriage books are one dimensional in focusing of a marital relationship alone. This book will encourage the dating, the divorced and even the couple stuck in a timuluous place and feeling that there is no hope. I assure you there is still hope and you will not be disappointed by the spiritual and practical advise of this reading. We are in a vibrant new world that moves at such rapid paces that we quite often misapply the best practices of old and find situations unresolved. Would you like to learn how to see clear pathways of how to apply wisdom from the author who has been in a successful marriage for the past eighteen years and who the have done so? Hang on to your seat as the invigorating truths, experiences and scriptures are woven perfectly to take you to new levels in your relationships. I can't wait to hear your successful testimony after spending time in this exceptional book!

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Book Title: Marriage in a Millennial World: Successful Marriage in a Vibrant New World

Book Author: Clydell Coates

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