Relief Carving in Wood: A Practical Introduction

This is a unique book for woodcarvers. Master woodcarver Chris Pye digs deeply into the process of relief carving by pulling apart a single subject, clearly demonstrating how low and high relief carvings ‘work’ and how to go about carving them.  Follow this book step by step and you’ll learn about the tools and how to handle them properly, and fundamental, transferable carving skills such as ‘lining in’, lowering and levelling backgrounds, or ‘setting in’. With such a repertoire of carving techniques under your belt, beginners will be well underway on the woodcarving path and more advanced carvers will tackle future projects with more flair and confidence. This book brings together techniques Chris developed and taught annually for 20 years at the Centre for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine. As Chris says, “The fish, as such, is irrelevant. It’s all about mastering the tools and techniques of good carving. Indeed, I reckon that when students have absorbed the course in this book, they'll have 90% of the skills that I have. The rest is experience and developing a sense of three dimensions.”  Be sure to check out Chris Pye’s other titles with Echo Point Books & Media: Lettercarving in Wood and Woodcarving:  Tools, Materials & Equipment. And you can get even more detailed instruction through his e-learning website, Woodcarving Workshops.tv.  You couldn’t ask for a more practical and experienced teacher!

Book Details

Book Title: Relief Carving in Wood: A Practical Introduction

Book Author: Chris Pye

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ISBN: 163561810X