Stephanies Spectacular Aquarium Visit: S-Blends

Join Stephanie and her Aunt Stacy as they explore their local Aquarium. Learn fun facts about the animals that live there, and look for Stephanie's favorite ocean creatures as you explore with her. This book is packed with over 150 S-Blends in the beautifully illustrated story. Made for children ages 2-6, this book is slightly longer than the earlier PACB Speech books. It includes true facts about each animal shown and sneaks the S-Blends naturally into the story without making you feel like you're reading a tongue twister. With its bright colors and sweet and educational storyline, it is the perfect addition to any Easter Basket!

Book Details

Book Title: Stephanies Spectacular Aquarium Visit: S-Blends

Book Author: Cass Kim

Book Category: -

ISBN: 195380909X