Blue spotted bee

Glenda Datson wrote on Jan 29 2013

Just thought I would ask those interested to have a look at any of the blue or mauve flowering shrubs in your gardens to see whether you can spot this native bee which is about at the moment (zoom in on the left hand flowers in the top-middle of the photo). It is Thyreus caeruleo punctatus or Blue Spotted Bee and sometimes known as Chequered Cuckoo Bee. We have been observing it late afternoons on our Lythrum salicaria and Scaevola ‘Purple Fanfare’. in the company of another less colourful native bee. We have observed other blue banded bees before but this one is new to us.

So if you find it let me know and we will see how common it is. Veronica, you may care to pass this onto other field nats.

6 thoughts on “Blue spotted bee

  1. Tony Marsh wrote:
    Very interesting find Glenda dont think Ive got any purple/blue flowering happening – the poor old garden looks a bit tawdry at the moment. Would be good to have a look at the purple loosestrife at the corner of lindsay lane and yack road in the culvert.

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  3. i have seen this bee in my garden last week. had never seen it before and have been looking since . it was on the gisha girl lavender flowers .the bee was very docile and wasnt afraid at all.. i was able to put my finger right up to it and touch it while it was getting the pollen.. it was able to hover and slowly reverse when flying much like a dragon fly. a very stocky bee didnt have my camera handy jim truscott

  4. saw this bee in my garden last week.. it was on a gisha girl lavender flower.
    the bee seems to be able to hover a bit like a dragon fly.. it is also very tame .. i was able to touch it on the rear with my finger while it was loading up with pollen and that didnt scare it .
    it moved around for a few minutes on the flowers in a pot plant less than half a metre from me. time was about 2pm
    my garden is in cairns not far from city cbd.. i am supposing it lives in hollows in trees around here but not sure . sorry i didnt have a camera handy
    jim truscott

  5. I just saw this bee today too as well as blue banded bees. They are too wuick for me to get a photo of though. I’m in Baranduda too.

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