Long Billed Corella and Wood Ducks

On the 6th November Neville Bartlett wrote

We have a new visitor this morning – a Long-billed Corella

Long-billed Corella (0942) SmLong-billed Corella (0941) Sm
We seem to be on the very edge of this species’ range.
Also, the Wood Ducks at the Barton Drive pond now have a family of 8 young.
The male has been hissing at passers-by for the last couple of weeks.

Wood Duck Family (0911) Sm

On the 6th November Glen Johnson replied

Oooh well done Neville – I must admit I’ve been (potentially incorrectly) assuming only Little Corrella when I’ve been seeing and hearing Corella’s over the last few months (seen/heard since Aug in groups of 2- 5). So that’s great photographic confirmation.  Pink in cheeks and long bill is very distinctive.
On a sadder note on Monday at about 5.45pm I went past the dam and noticed both parents and chicks in dam – but then went back past later that night (6.30pm) and one adult had been run over – dead.  It must have pushed its luck and car aggression too much.

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