Blue Pincushion

On November 12 Juliette Milbank wrote

The blue pincushion in my garden has finally opened it’s flowers. All the flowers aren’t quite open yet but I thought I’d better photograph it in case something happened! There are 3 more flower heads on it not yet open.

Given that the plant is now 2 or 3 years old, I’m expecting that it may die soon but I’m quite excited that it lasted this long and flowered as well! (I originally planted four blue pincushions, thanks to Glenda for getting them for me, and this plant was the only one to survive).

Now that I’ve seen my plant with an open flower, I’m now sure that there was a blue pincushion that flowered in the reserve next to our place about 4-5 years ago. We took photos of it (which I can’t find at the moment), but I was never quite sure if it was a blue pincushion or not. It was a lone plant just out of the trees, near where the paper daisies now are. I haven’t seen another one since but I don’t often go in there – might have to jump the fence and go have a look at some stage.

IMG_5316-small-cropped IMG_5318-small-cropped

Glen Johnson replied:

Its unlikely that the loner in the parklands spot near you was Brunonia. The best local spots to find it are Stringybark Reserve off Kiewa Valley Highway and Ridge Lane –
there is a nice block on South side of Ridge 400m or so up.  GJ

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