Fallow Deer

On Nov 6 2013 Neville Bartlett wrote

At 18:40 this evening I saw two visitors in Hempel’s paddock so went back and got the camera. Thanks to one of the local kangaroos (who looked indignantly in the  appropriate direction), I was able to find the visitors and get some shots. These shots were taken in the parkland just west of Jenny Bennett’s place – very close to Glen’s place.

Deer #1 (0951) Sm

On Nov 6th Glen Johnson replied:

Hi Neville – great shots once again.  Attached are a few pics from last month showing one of the older beasts coming through our back fence.  GJ


One thought on “Fallow Deer

  1. I was walking along the Yack roadside back towards Jamison Drive last night when a fallow deer ran across the road dodging traffic – it joined what looked like a youngster and didnt seem at all perturbed by my observations

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