Koel at Baranduda

On November 7th Chris Lehmann wrote

5.30 AM … very clear and close calls of a KOEL.
Another new critter for us to confirm.
Can someone else confirm if they hear or see the bird please.

Glen Johnson replied

Very possible – they have a distinctive call (see links below) not sure whether Albury’s summer migrant is back there in town yet.  
I haven’t heard of Koel recorded in Baranduda previously?   
Ps Everyone keep their eyes and ears out for Regent Honeyeaters – and look for bands.  We received photo’s of one of the 2013 released Chiltern birds feeding on flowering red bottlebrush in garden in Eldorado (from Cup day).

On Nov 7 Chris Lehmann wrote

CONFIRMED sighting.
4 Quoll Road.
Being mobbed by Wattlebirds.
Glenda Datson wrote
Yes, it woke me about 5.30 and heard again about 7.30am. But I hadn’t heard it ever before and didn’t know what it was.

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