Pied Butcher Birds

Chris Lehmann wrote on Sept 19 2013
After a long time since my last sighting (was it Spring/Summer last year?), I heard and saw a pair of PBB’s near Frayne this morning around 9am.
The pair was sitting high in Eucalypts on opp. sides of the Blvd on the south corner of Blvd and Boyes Rd.
Watched and waited for evidence of a nest, but I saw nothing.
Glen Johnson replied:
Interesting to see whether they continue to gradually expand back towards the range or stick to the flat open country.  I’ll put the record in our DEPI statewide data base. GJ
On Oct 25 Chris Lehmann wrote

3 sightings this week.
1. Heard the (beautiful) mournful call behind our place (Quoll Rd) on Sunday morning.
2. One PBB at Westmont intersection on Wednesday.
3. One PBB at the Boulevard/Beechworth Rd roundabout (close to Wodonga) on Thursday.
I wonder what their range is? Could these all be the same bird(s)?
Note: about 3-4 weeks ago, there was a pair at the Westmont intersection.
On Oct 25 Glen Johnson wrote:
Not sure on home range size – 2&3 being the same bird or pair is likely – potentially all three as they are relatively thin on the ground (around here).
On Nov 3 Glenda Datson wrote
We heard this bird in the tree block near us about 3 weeks ago.  They are likely the same birds which Neville has been photographing over the last 2-3 years at Westmont.

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