Scarlet Robin – Winter Dawn

They’re back!  scarlet-robinScarlet Robins are one of three ‘red’ breasted robins that seasonally inhabit Baranduda.

Scarlet’s are the most common (that I encounter).  Like all the ‘red’ breasted robins, it’s the adult males that exhibit the showy ‘red’ (in this case scarlet) colouration.  Scarlet males are characterised by having a prominent white forehead spot – the most noticeable (largest) of the red robins with a white, top of bill spot on their forehead. But it’s the beautiful warbling ‘sh-sh-sha-weeya’ call that is usually the first giveaway that Scarlet’s are once again in our area.  Scarlet’s like the Flame Robin are autumn-winter altitudinal migrants that move down out of the mountains in the cooler months to frequent our open pastures and wooded hills.  A sign of winter dawning!

By the way the other ‘red’ breasted robin in our neck of the woods is the very infrequently encountered Red-capped Robin.  But that’s not all – there’s a chance that you may even see Rose or Pink Robin in forested sections of the Baranduda Range – but they too are a very rare proposition for Baranduda.

Yet, fortunately, one of my favourite species – the beautiful inquisitive Eastern Yellow Robin – can be a relatively common species in larger native gardens adjoining remnant bush in our area.   Keep an eye and ear out for Robins in your patch!

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