Planet Ark #14 Community Day

Baranduda Landcare Planet Ark #14 community day was an extraordinary success with 88 participants and well over 2000 indigenous plants planted, guarded and staked. This event is one of the key components of BLC’s Communities for Nature 4 year funded project called Boosting Baranduda Biodiversity and forms part of the Wodonga Retained Environment network of reserves or WREN

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Albury Wodonga Field Naturalists Fauna Observations at Baranduda

On May 1 2013 Glenda Datson wrote

Please see attached spreadsheet for AWFNC outing on Sunday. I have also included the Stringybark list from 3 years ago for comparison and as well those in our garden. Note a new sighting for Baranduda is the Southern Whiteface. Also we did not see Speckled Warbler in the Stringybark block (G7C), and we have always found them there previously. So is this because of the recent surrounding disturbance or are they off to better seasonal territory? They have been seen previously in G3 but were not seen there either on Sunday and that site has not had the disturbance that G7C has, so maybe they are just off up the range getting ready for breeding.

Any comments will be welcomed.





Possum Making Do!


On May 1st 2013 Glenda Datson wrote:

At the AW Field Nats outing on Sunday, in the Stringybark block, a keen
eyed member spotted this (likely squirrel) glider making do. I am
wondering whether the entrance hole diameter is too small for squirrel
gliders (ideally 45mm dia.)? With all the new boxes in there I would have
thought it would have found more appropriate shelter in one of those. I am
aware that squirrel gliders chew out the holes of sugar glider size
entrances (35mm) to gain access but these new boxes are very well
constructed of good quality thick material so I think it would take some
time for them to chew them out. Also I am wondering whether you are
trialling boxes for occupancies based on aspect?

Glider making do

Diamond Firetails and WRENS

On the 15th July 2012 Neville wrote
For some time now I have been trying to catch up with the Diamond Firetails at WREN area G2.
Today I finally got some good shots.
I like the one with the sign on the gate. Feel free to use it (and any of the others) to promote the WREN in any way.

Image 9813 is a strong candidate for the 2013 calendar.

I would welcome any other tips for spots where there are interesting birds.
Diamond Firetail near sign (9805) Sm

Diamond Firetails (9807) Sm

Diamond Firetail (9813) Sm

Maps of WRENS areas

Neville Bartlett on the 15/04/2012 wrote:
It would be useful have maps of the WRENs areas so that when some says G2 or 7C then we have a fair chance of understanding.
The City of Wodonga website has the WRENs plan but it takes a bit of sleuth work to find it and the maps are near the back of it.
I would like to have a printed set of maps that I can have laminated and keep in a prominent place at home (or in the car).
Some similar maps of Chiltern-Mt Pilot NP (with nest box locations) that were printed in colour on A3 paper (and laminated at Officeworks) are proving invaluable.
Another possibility is to have a set of key Baranduda maps in an easy to find spot on the BLC web-site.

Your thoughts?