Patterson’s curse, Salvation Jane


Photo by Nathaniel Boehm

Echium plantagineum

Why introduced: introduced pasture weed from the Mediterranean.
Growth form: has purple flowers but can also be blue, pink or white. It can
spread quickly, and has a dense broad leaf form smothering any other growth. Each plant can produce 10000 seeds and has a large taproot making it drought resistant.
Where it grows: takes over grazing land and is a roadside weed
Method of spreading: seed dispersal
Method of control: biological control with specific insects. Broad leaf spray. “Pluck a Patto”is a great activity for schools to initiate where students are taught to identify this weed and encouraged to remove by grubbing it out and binning it.

Nb: It is poisonous to some animals


Photo by Raelene Guttierez

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