ATS: Auto Trends in Scale 2020 no.1

What is ATS? Auto Trends in Scale is a different take on the whole model car magazine thing. The plan is to provide scale model car enthusiasts, builders, and collectors with a selection of fresh and stimulating features twice each year. Features like "Never In Styrene," which showcase die-cast models that have not been released as plastic kits. Is there really still old kit tooling hiding undiscovered in warehouses after all these years? And even more legends and lore. We will also cover Motor Sports, including vintage NASCAR, historic drag racing, vintage road racing, classic championship racing, and in particular iconic events like the early years of the Mexican Road Race will be presented in depth. In addition, among others, we will also cover Replica Stock building, from muscle cars, sports cars, to econo-boxes and beyond, many of today’s builders either started out with this style of building or have continued to enjoy it throughout their years of model building and is a very essential segment of the hobby. We hope you enjoy our journey through this world of scale model cars! In this exciting issue of ATS we pick up with another installment of our column 'Never in Styrene' and the subject this time is Hawks vs. Hawks and we will compare in depth Danbury Mint's Studebaker Golden Hawk and Packard Hawk models. Steve Goldman returns with a fantastic 1965 Plymouth Belvedere Highway Patrol Mopar, Anthony Hazelaar lets us bask in Grand Prix Grandeur with his exceptional 1927 Bugatti Type 35B, Bill Coulter builds a Johan 1972 Ford Torino GT snap-kit with added details, and Curt Zahn shows off his lovely Lime Gold 1969 Ford Torino GT build in some bonus content to top off this issue.

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Book Title: ATS: Auto Trends in Scale 2020 no.1

Book Author: Bill Coulter,Michael Hanson

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